deathblow, look at you go...

His voice was a nag in his head.

If you had just left this to the Alliance, nothing would have happened.

If you had just left well enough alone, no one would be in trouble.

If you minded your own business…

If he had just minded his own business, they could all be dead, a notion that immediately shut up that nagging voice inside of his head even as he stared at the message on his screen in quiet contemplation. It didn’t take a detective to figure out the reason for it, coming on the heels of a missing persons report filed with Eden Authorities as forwarded to him by his father and requesting the files he had “stolen” from the Research Center for Cybernetic Advancement among expansive, maddening prose that suggested the doctor wasn’t exactly in his right mind – not that he ever had been.

Reed Khimera wanted his research back and he was willing to find leverage where he could, and with information about Han Min-hee already included in the files never mind a more public branding in the cybernetic world, Reed obviously knew where to find her. While it seemed a desperate move, Kang had little doubt it was a calculated execution, banking on the emotional ties of mother and son and the involvement of family perhaps removed from the equation in some measure to usher Kang into action. All he had to do was return the data pad and the files stored within; something so simple and they would have their matriarch back in one piece and not the amalgam of parts that Reed had left Cherlyn Zahra in before her unfortunate, but necessary demise.

For the sake of his mother not to be found under the knife of a mad man, Kang decided he had no choice, no matter how ill-fated he was sure this meeting would go as he left the confines of his office within the medical clinic for darker sections of Lowtown that he didn’t often tread without security personnel in tow. With him, the data pad and the information stored on it without the troublesome encryption and security features that had kept the ugly nature of Reed’s business hidden from prying eyes – all of which he now simply wanted to be rid of knowing the files had been replicated and secured – and a single firearm in the event things got dicey which Kang was almost expected they would at the presence of armed guards, far more equipped to deal with him if he insisted on being difficult.

He had all intention on being difficult, especially when matters became one-sided. While he had held up his end of the bargain, Reed hadn’t, stepping back to peruse his returned data pad in equal measure as Kang did to avoid the much more muscular security detail approaching him. A grab for his arm turned into a quick bullet to one of the guard’s knees as Kang calculated just where he could make those non-lethal blows, but it did little more than incense the other to get a hold on him, an arm coming hard around his neck while the other locked the hold in tight.

If you had just shot him, you wouldn’t be in this predicament.

If you had just gone to Terminus Security, they could’ve done something.

If you weren’t so stubborn…

If he weren’t so stubborn, he wouldn’t have been in the predicament he was now, locked in a game of strong arm with someone much larger than him; but where his opposition seemed to only hold on tighter with every push and pull at his arms, Kang’s consciousness dwindled and someone’s strength would have to tap out eventually.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be a winning battle, a sudden jolt of electricity crashing into his system from the taser held against his leg which forced his body to seize up and systems to re-calibrate momentarily – just enough to drop his body towards the ground.