Han Bionetics
SEPT 21, 2658
Your Appointment Confirmation
SEPT 23, 2658
CC: Letter of Intent to Purchase
SEPT 20, 2658
Han Kang-Min
SEPT 01, 2658
Han Kang-Min
JUN 30, 2658
RE: Vandalism of Cargo
SEPT 21, 2658

Dr. Aylana Engstrom
Hi Kang,

Here is a confirmation of your scheduled appointment. We’re set to meet through holo-video conferencing on October 1, 2658 at 1000 Hours.

If you have questions prior to your appointment, please reach me at my dedicated line or via e-mail.

If you would like to cancel or reschedule, please contact our office between the hours of 0900 and 1500, Monday through Friday. We will try to accommodate you at your earliest convenience.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Aylana Engstrom
SEPT 23, 2658

Cosmia Real Estate
Jimmy Warders
MALM Realty Partners
Deck One, Terminus Station
Penglai System

RE: Commercial Property, Terminus Station, Penglai System

Dear Mr. Warders,

We are pleased to present the following proposal to purchase the above reference property on behalf of Han Kang-jun (“Tenant”) and Takumi Jiro (“Tenent”):

LOCATION & SIZE OF PREMISES:The Commercial Property located on Deck Two, Terminus Stations, Penglai System consists of approximately 4,700 Square Feet. Legal description shall be provided in escrow.
BUYER:Han Kang-jun, Takumi Jiro
PURCHASE PRICE: $10,810,000 ($2,300 per Square Foot)

DEPOSIT:Upon opening of escrow, Buyer shall deposit $350,300 credits made payable to the escrow company which can be deposited into an interest-bearing account where all interest credited to the Buyer.

ESCROW & TITLE COMPANY:The escrow shall be Terminus Escrow Inc. located on Deck One, Terminus Station, Penglai System (the “Escrow Holder”) with Athena Kinton as Terminus Escrow Inc.’s representative. Buyer and Seller shall pay their own customary closing costs.

Within 45 business days of mutual acceptance of this proposal, Buyer and Seller shall execute the Agreement and Escrow Instructions for Purchase of Commercial Real Estate. Opening of escrow shall be the date escrow is in receipt of the fully executed purchase & sale agreement document.

Within 30 business days after opening of escrow, Seller shall provide all due diligence information in its possession to Buyer.

Escrow shall close 20 days after Buyer’s Waiver of Contingencies.
INSPECTION PERIOD:Buyer's obligation to purchase the property is subject to Buyer's performing its due diligence with respect to the property to its satisfaction within 30 days from opening escrow.

A. The preliminary title report and the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions.

B. The physical condition of the property. Buyer shall be given access to the property and may inspect the physical conditions of the roof, heating and air conditioning systems, electrical, foundation, plumbing and all other systems or structures with respect to the physical condition of the property as Buyer may desire.

C. Buyer shall conduct its own inspect for the existence of possible hazardous or deleterious substances, underground storage tanks and amphiboles on the subject property.

D. Seller shall provide all available historical information on the building which Seller has in his possession including updated blueprints of the building.

E. In the event of Buyer's disapproval of any of the items above, Buyer shall at Buyer's sole discretion, notify escrow of cancellation of escrow and escrow shall refund deposit to Buyer, less any ordinary escrow costs.

F. In the absence of any written disapperoval to Escrow Holder within 30 days of opening escrow, the contingencies above shall be deemed approved and satisfied by Buyer and Buyer's deposit shall become non-refundable.
CLOSING COSTS, CREDITS & PRORATIONS:Seller will pay for the cost of documentary transfer cost. The Escrow Holser shall be paid one half by Buyer and one half by Seller. Real Property Taxes, payments on bonds, and assessments, owner associate dues and fees, and changes of any service contracts being assumed by Buyer and any other items requiring prorations will be prorated by Escrow Holder as of the close of escrow. All other costs will be allocated between Buyer and Seller in accordances with usual and customary practice of Terminus Station.
FINALIZATION OF ESCROW INSTRUCTION & PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT:The terms set forth in this proposal are essentially satisfactory to the Buyer; however, any escrow instructions must contain terms and conditions satisfactory to both parties. This proposal represents a non-binding proposal and no party shall have the right to institute any legal action with respect to the transaction described herein. Any understand between the parties shall only be deemed to have been reached when escrow instructions containing all the applicable terms and conditions related to the transaction have been executed by both parties and are acceptable to their respective legal council.
BROKERS:Cosmia Real Estate, representing the Buyer and Corsair Real Estate, representing the Seller, respectively, shall be compensated per separate commission agreements.
EXCLUSIVITY:Until such time as the purchase agreement has been signed between Buyer and Seller, Seller will not continue to market the property, solicit buyers for the property, or entertain and negotiate back-up purchase offers for the property.
LETTER OF INTENT EXPIRATION:This proposal shall remain valid until November 1, 2658.

SEPT 20, 2658

Sept 20, 2658 11:58 PM
You do realize what time it is, Kang?
On Eden? No.
On Terminus. Can't sleep again?
Almost 2400.

Sept 21, 2658 12:00 AM
At least it isn't 0200 - not yet. Would you like to talk about it?
Let me rephrase: Do you need to talk about it?
Sept 21, 2658 12:15 AM
Kang, there is obviously a reason you've reached out to me so late and I don't think it is to talk about the weather. You can be a hard read for many people, but I'm your father.
I just had a panic attack.
That's all.
Another one? How long since you've had an appointment?
Just after I got here. I've been quite busy since.
In an attempt to stave it rather than address it no less which will do no good for recovery. I understand the intent, but you will only overwhelm yourself and there is little I or Dr. Engstrom can do from here.

Contact Dr. Engstrom and make an appointment and maybe consider taking some time off.
Though I know well enough you won't listen.
Sept 21, 2658 12:32 AM
안녕히 주무세요
SEPT 1, 2658

Sept 1, 2658 3:00 PM
What is going on with Everett?
What do you mean?
I've been in touch with Eva and James, and they've consistantly mentioned that he refuses to talk to them about what is going on and have been all but shut out of matters that have nothing to do with business.
So you mean to say Everett told them to stay out of his personal business?
In so many words and then some.
I don't see an issue with that. Everett is entitled to his own privacy just as any of us are and the notion that they continue to pry is otherwise telling more of them than of Everett who may have sound reason not to involve them in personal affairs.
Do you know anything about what is going on?
I don't see how I am in any standing to discuss matters not my own. From strict standing of welfare and happiness, Everett is doing well to my knowledge, but anything beyond that, Eva and James will have to rebuild their own bridges with their son.
JUN 30, 2658

Intelliship Logistics
TO: Han Bionectics
ATTN: Han Kang-jun

RE: Vandalism of Cargo

Upon investigation of the MV Astron and all associated logs of action in coordination with Eden shipping authorities and the Terminus Port Authority, we at Intelliship Logistics have found the incident happening to occur upon delivery of cargo belonging to Han Bionetics is not associated with the MV Astron or its crew.

We have herein closed our current investigation and insist further investigation be handled with the Terminus Port Authoirty directly.


Flint Nakada
Chief of Shipping

JUN 15, 2658

Intelliship Logistics
TO: Han Bionectics
ATTN: Han Kang-jun

RE: Vandalism of Cargo

We, Shipowners/Managers of the MV Astron, hereby agree and and confirm to appoint your company, Han Bionetics, and to be representative for and on behalf of Intelliship Logistics to solve all status of cargo and incident happening that may have occured on the MV Astron in route from Eden, Babylon to Terminus Station.


Flint Nakada
Chief of Shipping
NOV 27, 3389
REPORT: Inventory
The following caches have been dropped and recorded, and will be parsed according to delivery orders:

43 Metric Tons of Assorted Medical Supplies to be delivered to the Hospital, with limited excess being tranisted to Janitorial and the Exchange.
FOODSTUFFS24 Metric Tons to be delivered to various points throughout the station, including the Cafeteria, Space Bar, Sweet Sparks, Vending Services, and the Exchange.
FUEL26 Metric Tons of Fuel to be delivered to Engineering.
SUNDRIES30 Metric Tons of Sundries (clothing, containers, knick-knacks, etc.) to be delivered to A.C.E. oufitters and the Exchange with excess to be contained within Storage.