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"Our profession is the only one which works unceasingly to annihilate itself."
Born and raised in Eden, Babylon to a long-time military physician and a cybernetic surgeon at the forefront of her field, it would be easy to believe that Han Kang-jun, the eldest born and only son of the couple, grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. It was certainly true in appearances: The Han children had never wanted for anything, well taken care of with a roof over their heads and vast opportunity before them given their financial standing thanks to the hard work and dedicated efforts of their parents to provide a comfortable, if not cushioned, life for them; but where that would have been sufficient for some to sit back and watch the work change around them for the better or for the worst, it hadn’t been for a pair of siblings that had always been encouraged, supported, and maybe even destined to forge their own paths in life.

For Kang-jun, it came in following in the footsteps of his parents, ever-fascinated with the work his mother did in aiding those with missing limbs and grave injuries by way of cybernetics and driven by the dedication of his father in his committal to the military, making sure the soldiers that were doing their part to keep their factions safe were taken care of to the best of his abilities. It was a level of idyllic idolization, watching is parents work, and throughout his studies, Kang-jun was intent in making sure that he made them proud. After his high school graduation with stellar marks, particularly in math and sciences, Kang-jun was accepted into the University of Arcadia to study a joint major of Surgical Medicine and Robotics, taking as many courses as he could in the span of eight years with a considerably focus and devotion not typically seen of many students, sometimes at the cost of his own well-being. The lack of sleep would be worth it when graduation came and his degree obtained, the only thing left to do being his residency which he had the perfect avenue for.

Following the guidance of his father, Kang-jun enlisted in the military, studying under his tutelage to find out how to best serve not only the soldiers that found themselves in his care, but any future patients he may have had following his departure from the military. For some time, he was based on Scheria, primarily caring for dock workers and ship manufacturers who had found themselves in dire circumstances from any work-related injuries. It was there that he started laying down the ground work for something different, something that wasn’t caught under the red tape of government and bureaucracy and protocol that was unfortunately out of his reach for the years he was in a uniform. When he was assigned to a Navy vessel, he found himself one step closer to making that dream a reality. It was just a matter of finding those connections needed to make it possible while tending to his military cohorts as well as those civilians who crossed his paths that may have needed some form of medical attention.

For four years, Kang-jun stayed with the same unit, finding themselves in enough rough patches to make his services useful and his medical license, obtained after his first three years, worthy of issuance. There were always ways to improve and of his own volition, Kang-jun took a considerably leap in what might have been possible for a surgeon in replacing his arms with cybernetic versions, top of the line and fine tuned to provide additional agility, reflexes, speed, and precision for medical work. By no means would he have been the first, but Kang-jun had no desire to be the first as much as he desired to be better able to help those in need who crossed his path. It was an undertaking not so similarly viewed within his family, particularly his own sister who shared more purist thoughts on humanity, but there would be no changing his mind, especially after the surgical work was done and he had become accustom to being something a little more than human.

His return to civilian life saw him moved to Terminus where he was able to make the necessary ties to set up a medical clinic under his own name with an operational strategy that turned a nose up to the established administrative practices of government-run facilities and government-aligned practitioners. At first, time had been spent with the primary hospital on the station, but his focus lied on the impoverish Lowtown where the Han Medical Clinic had been established as a means to provide low-cost, sometimes free of charge, medical clinic meant to help those who didn’t have as much financial stability as those in well-off neighborhoods as well as those who needed medical care on a “don’t tell, we won’t ask” basis. Using what contacts he had made through all avenues of his professional career, including manufacturers of cybernetics, pharmaceutical companies, and military medical providers, Kang-jun set up the foundation for the clinic until he was able to rope in additional supply lines, particularly through space pirates and smugglers who didn’t mind dropping off supplies in turn for medical care.

For a moment, even he had his doubts, particularly when he found himself the victim of an anti-cybernetic assault attempt, arms nearly disconnected at the shoulders, causing considerable damage to not only the build there, but the human parts of his shoulders and shoulder blades which called for additional surgeries and parts to reattach them. His time in Lowtown became more prominent from that point as he waited for the dust to settle, unwilling to put himself in such a public light as the latest Transhumanist victim when it would only be a detriment to his work. Unfortunately, the suspect was never caught, likely shooting out into space before authorities could track him down to bring him to justice, but it didn’t dissuade Kang-jun from his work as much as it did bury him in it, establishing more connections with the residents of Lowtown to make sure the clinic was kept well-protected.

However, trouble still found him in 2657 when he was pulled from Terminus to operate involuntarily at a clandestine experimental cybernetics lab, leading to his arrest. While a return to Terminus had been ideal, it wouldnt be for over another year, Kang taking over Han Bionetics while under Alliance probation. Now in a corporate position rather than a practicing surgeon, Kang is ready to step back onto the station.

ONE Current cybernetic augmentations include full arms and shoulders, one set voluntary while the other was the result of injuries sustained in 2086. They are primarily used to maintain stability during extensive and high risk medical procedures. They are also extremely expensive, therefore discreet, and knowledge is privy to those he is particularly close to or he has accompanied on missions given his use of high-desity armor casing over syntheic skin.

As of late 2657, additional cybernetic augmentations include ocular implants through Han Bionetics in Eden, allowing for not only basic vision, but a deeper scope during procedures, vital scanning capabilities in coordination with those built into his arms, and an user interface to see it all without the need for a separate screen.

TWO Owned a small space in Lowtown, the smallest he could get, to stay at when working late nights (or extremely early mornings). It wasn’t much, covering only the necessities for a night or two stay, but it is the perfect escape when he didn’t want to make the trek back to Winlock Park.
THREE Although trained primarily in medicine, Kang isn’t without training in hand-to-hand combat and firearms with particular focus on sidearms.
FOUR Despite a rather squeaky clean upbringing, not everything he does is necessarily so squeaky clean, keeping ties with specific individuals who can get him supplies he needs that he can’t readily get elsewhere. In an effort to keep costs down, he often employs a ‘work trade’ system—he gets the supplies he needs at a discounted rate to pass on to his patients and said individuals get treatments significantly discounted.
FIVE While formerly he wore a watch that serves as his communication device, and access to identification information, licenses, access points along the station, cybernetic programming boards, and remote access to his personal terminals at both clinics and his residences, he has had his omni-tool implanted into the cybernetics of his arm to make them available to him at all times.
SIX Although kept primarily to himself, Kang is a transhumanist. Early in his Terminus stay, he was targeted by an underground group of anti-transhumanists who found such cybernetic augmentations as ‘inhuman’ and sought to ‘free’ those with cybernetics from their ‘restraints’. It led to an investigation by Terminus authorities, but results were minimal until a symposium led to the organization's arrest.
SEVEN Was taken into Alliance custody in October 2656 for involuntary participation in experimental cybernetic practices on Belos, resulting in the suspension of his license and mandatory professional evaluation while on Eden. After a year, licensure had been returned, however the medical practice took second stage to his acquisition of Han Bionetics.
han medical clinic
The Han Medical Clinic, once located in Lowtown, offered low cost medical treatments to patients regardless of race, religion, social status, finances, or criminal ties, operating primarily on a “don’t tell, we won’t ask” mentality to minimize interference of the authorities. Medical services were provided at low cost, sometimes free of charge, due to a number of secured supplies lines—both of the legal and illegal variety. This included, but was not limited to dealings with supply manufacturers and third-party providers as well as space pirates and off-station smugglers who were able to secure supplies without profit gouging from corporate entities or mark ups from station-operated health services.

Security measures, included blast doors, biometric scanners, and a 24-hour security staff have been established to maintain the safety and security of hospital staff, patients, and supplies, and various ties with the upper echelon of Lowtown, often criminal in nature themselves, have been made to provide additional security if needed.

All services are offered at low-cost with the exception of Cybernetic Surgery services given the cost of cybernetics and the associated surgical procedures involved as well as the hours required for programming and physical therapy. Parts are purchased by the clinic from trusted providers and unless previously installed, parts are not accepted from third-parties outside of these trusted sources. The Han Medical Clinic cannot guarantee the quality or safety of cybernetic enhancements not purchased from their trusted providers.

The Han Medical Clinic offered services in a number of medical departments including:

Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care
General, Family & Emergency Medicine
General & Emergency Surgery
Cybernetic Surgery & Repair
Cybernetic Rehabilitation

House calls were made in the case of considerable emergency as the clinic does not offer transportation services. These are often made by the upper echelon of his staff alongside an assistant, if not the primary physician himself (particularly during closed hours). However, the clinic was closed in 2657 following his unintended departure from Terminus.